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 Who we are:

Slingerland Family Farm is an innovative pasture based farm established in 2013 by Joshua and Victoria Slingerland.  We specialize in raising all natural, pasture-based animals in a responsible, ethical and humane manner.  All of our animals are 100% hormone and antibiotic free. We utilize environmentally responsible agriculture techniques and methods, to produce the highest quality products for our local community in a sustainable fashion. By employing a high-intensity rotational pasture model our animals sanitize their own system which eliminates the need for pesticides. The facilities that we source to process our animals are fully inspected by applicable state and federal agencies.

We specialize in bio diversity, multi specie rotational grazing.

Pasture-raised Chicken: Broiler chickens are raised in spacious, rolling shelters which are moved to fresh ground on a daily basis. This allows the birds to have ample space and opportunity to forage. By enabling free-choice in their diets, the birds flourish. The resulting product is a healthy and all natural chicken with superior flavor and texture.  Some of the proposed health benefits of chicken raised in this manner compared to conventionally produced chicken include lower fat and cholesterol, significantly higher amounts of vitamins A & E, and double the amount of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acid.

Grass-fed, Grass finished Lamb: Here at the farm we raise high quality Dorper sheep; Our ewes lamb on pasture in Mid-May. Once May green-up arrives the sheep & lambs are moved every day to new pasture. This provides them with a fresh "Salad Bar" daily, this results in well marbled flavorful nutrient dense lamb. The many benefits of properly finished grass fed lamb include less total fat, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acid,and more antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E. Grass-fed Lamb also contain no saturated fat.

Pasture-raised Fresh Eggs: From humanely raised, pastured hens; our hens forage freely in open fields and roost nightly in an “egg mobile” shelter that is rotated to fresh pasture, following the cattle. Fresh air, sunshine and all the grass and bugs the birds can catch results in eggs are richer in color and flavor with a deep orange yolk.

Pasture-raised Pork: Our heritage  pigs are raised on the edges of our pastures as well as in the wooded areas of our farm. They spend their time doing what pigs do, roaming and rooting enjoying plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They are moved to fresh areas regularly so they stay clean and healthy. Digging, rooting and running greatly enhances flavor, the result is tender, juicy and flavorful pork.

Seasonal Turkeys: We offer Burbon Red heritage turkeys, these beautiful birds are world renowned for flavor and make a wonderful addition to any table. we also offer Broad Breasted White Turkeys that are raised just like the other poultry, rotated on pasture. These turkeys are excellent foragers, and therefore the pasture-based diet influences the flavor and texture of the meat. Known for having generous amounts of white breast meat, these turkeys make the perfect centerpiece to any holiday table.

Now Offering Home Delivery Delivery:

After several successful seasons selling to local retail stores, restaurants and directly from our farm we now offer the convenience of Home Delivery. We deliver to most locations throughout the capital district and surrounding areas.



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